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Simply say, "IMS SiteManager!"

IMS SiteManager is a content management system combining design, hosting and easy editing tools into a single product. IMS SiteManager makes it fast and easy to update your website.

All you need is your web browser!

Say Goodbye to:
  • Expensive Programmers
  • Out-of-date sites
  • Specialized software
  • Broken links
  • Waiting for an IT person to make changes
Say Hello to:
  • Creative freedom
  • Making changes whenever, wherever
  • Content that's always fresh
  • Expandability
  • Control over your site
  • Fast and friendly support
Getting started is easy!
  • Choose a design from our Portfolio or work with us to create a custom design.
  • Select any Modules you need.
  • Enter content using your private control panel. (Learn more about How it Works.)

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